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SKerfF needs your support. Buy a SKerfF Army Tee now to become a “founder” and SKerfF Supporter. SKerfF has big plans and we are starting to get help from friends and family to make the mission happen! More designs coming soon. Scroll down to apply to be a SKerfF Rider. We need you!

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Want to help a kid achieve success? Sponsor them directly.

At SKerfF, we exist to sponsor kids who want to excel in non-mainstream sports like surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, bmx and more. These kids are not the stars of today, they are the stars of tomorrow and they need our help to get there.

The way SKerfF helps make that happen is to let you sponsor the kids (our SKerfFers) directly by purchasing a SKerfF Tee on their page! You get a killer tee to show you are part of the SKerfF Army, we get to make more shirts for the movement and the SKerfFer of your choice gets a portion towards their goal! We all win!


Here’s how SKerfF Works

Help a kid excel in non-mainstream sports. We love all sports but some sports are more supported than others. In the US we have many opportunities to play soccer, baseball, football, basketball and others with organized, funded and established organizations. Those sports thrive because of that mainstream support. What if a kid wants to be a pro skater? Pro surfer? It’s much harder. We want to fill that void.

Every “SKerfFer” we have selected gets a page on to display their bio and their “goal”. Goals are established by the riders themselves. The goals are simply items this rider needs to get better at their sport. It’s very simple:¬†When you buy merchandise from a SKerfFer’s page, they get a portion of that order towards their goal.

Goals can be anything: new gear, a skateboard, a pass to a park or camp, wetsuits, surfboards, safety gear, bikes…

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